The DREIDEL Factory

     Handmade Dreidels since 1974 

The Dreidel Factory ™ was originally founded in 1974. My mom was frustrated because the only dreidels she could find were cheap plastic models.   So she enlisted some friends to help design, make and sell traditional wooden dreidels. The wooden tops were hand made in a garage.  During the holiday season, my mom spent her weekends as a street vendor on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley (in “real life” she was a librarian at UC Berkeley) or at local craft fairs. There was also a mail-order business. As the founders became busier and busier with family and careers, the business gradually became dormant. Still, whenever a friend happened to see one of the “first generation” dreidels, they would ask where I got it.   And I would tell the story of my mom and the Dreidel Factory, and explain that they weren’t for sale anymore. And after hearing myself tell the story over and over, year after year, I realized there was still a real interest in quality handmade dreidels.  So, with my family (now in Alameda, CA), I re-launched The Dreidel Factory ™.

The original founders, Dean, my mom, and Ann in a dreidel frenzy.

Miriam, me (Stephanie), Elise, my brother Nick and my sister Jenny in serious competition.


Article from the Hayward Daily Review.  Aug 3, 1975

Dreidel Factory Catalog. 1979

Original Dreidel Packaging. 1979